Buyer Rep Agreement

A Buyer Representation Agreement is meant to protect you as a buyer. Below you will find a sample of a Buyer Representation Agreement. Please read through fully to understand the concepts of Multiple Representation, Client Care VS Customer Care, Holdover periods etc. If you have questions regarding this agreement we will go over it with you in detail prior to showing you a property.



Let me help you find your dream home
Customer service is one of our favourite aspects in Real Estate. Knowing that at the end of the day, we have helped you find the perfect home, brings a smile to our face!

Whether you are a first time home buyer, downsizing, upsizing or looking for that perfect recreational property, we are here to work directly with you throughout every step. We will start by asking you lots of questions regarding your needs, your wants and specific criteria. From there we will start the house hunting process together to locate the right property for you!

The home hunting process can be at times daunting, scary, and overwhelming. we will provide you with the right tools, the factual knowledge and clear-cut understanding of each and every property that is shown to you.


How I serve Buyers

MLS Searching Assistance
We will help you to understand the many fields of information in a Multiple Listing Service Search. We will show you how to make the most out of your searches.


Automated Searches
Once we have a clear understanding of your criteria for the perfect home, we will set up an automated search alert to email you. This will keep you informed of new listings as well as price reductions of qualified properties that meet your criteria.


Finding the Right Expert for the Task!

As an expert in our field as a Real Estate Sales Representatives, we know the best sources and professionals that go hand in hand with Real Estate. Whether it be a mortgage specialist, home inspector, lawyer, or insurance agent, we will assist you in finding the right expert to meet your needs.


Getting the best financing.


Pre-approval from a lender is strongly recommended prior to being shown property. It is a valuable tool to know what you can afford. The lender or mortgagee will check your credit and verify documentation to pre-approve you for a specific amount.


Things You Will Need to Provide

  • Proof of Income
  • Proof of Assets
  • Good Credit
  • Employment Verification
  • Identity Documentation (Driver’s License, Social Security Number etc.,)